I'm interested in life, people, history, science, the planet, it is an endless list. So easy to find more to be interested in than to limit my interests. Of course, you can't keep it all with you and it's all like mismatched socks from the washing machine, you can never sort them all out into nicely perfect sets. I like order but chaos is the reality. Sort things out a bit here and there, only to discover you missed something and have to start over. Never say never, but never try to make sense of everything either. It's a bottomless task, not sustainable and bad for your sanity.

Enjoy life, don't try to control it all.

That's why these are small collections of interesting things. I don't promise things will stay the same. Names may change, categories are very likely to be adjusted, moved and split up as more information comes along.

If you have an interesting link, related to something here, or just interesting, please send it. Spam isn't welcome, I don't have infinite time just a lot of curiousity.

big eye girl

Do you remember the big eye art from the 1970s?

I have a few prints. Still among the packed up stuff from my last move a few years ago. (Yes, we all seem to have stuff we carry around that way). Even though I don't have my big eyed girls up on the wall I won't be donating or selling them. They were a feature of my childhood bedroom, one of the few things I have been able to keep all these years.

The artist of the original big eye art was Margaret Keane. But, she wasn't the only one producing the style. My favourites come from Maio, Eden, Goji and Ward. These seem harder to find.

Urban exploration is about looking around or visiting places. You might not be especially urban. I'm in rural Ontario and I explore old farm houses, small towns and I like ghost signs, vintage buildings and their fixtures. I don't know all the right terminology for evreything. I'm learning. But, mainly, I explore for myself. I take photos to see the places better and preserve what I have seen.

You can wander around you own backyard and find something you haven't noticed before. Try it. Seriously. Look at little things you don't pay attention to. Did you ever notice that metal tap for the garden hose? What about the house numbers on your building? Did you ever wonder why that patch of grass is higher than the other grass? There are so many small things we don't take the time to notice. But, those are small things. Once you start looking for the details you could be ready to explore other places.

Finding places to explore is easier than you think. I've written several ideas and methods. Keep in mind, some of it is tresspassing. But, there are rules about that, how far you can go, what you can photograph, or not. You don't have to enter a property to photograph it. Especially now wtih the option for drones. But, don't go peeking in windows if you are not very sure the property is abandoned. If in doubt, well... you might take your chances or you might not.

I have my own site about urban exploration in Ontario, with links to other explorers and resources. Ontario Exploration. The rest of this page will become resources for exploring in general and for people and places outside of Ontario.