Carmageddon is Back with Max


Official website for the Carmageddon franchise community, featuring news, development blogs, media, forums, hall of maim videos and more Source: Carmageddon | Home The full version of Carmageddon Reincarnation is out on Steam now. That may not make you want to travel – more like get off the sidewalks and the roads, maybe avoid transportation and standing too near any windows too.

Obscura Day 2015

obscura day

I want an Obscura Day here in Ontario! Celebrate with the Los Angeles Obscura Society as we explore fascinating fauna, incredible ruins, curious collections, secret histories, and spectacular performances across LA and beyond: Saturday, May 30at 5:00am – 9:00pm in PDT Source: Obscura Day 2015, the most interesting day in the world

Revamped Bat Van


Found on Facebook: How the van sat in 2012 on the island of Malta. It started life as a Bedford military truck. Sold at auction and converted to a window van used to sell bread, later the windows were covered over changing it to a box van. Bumpers appear to be ’58 Pontiac.