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The Silence of Abandonments

Urban exploration for me is as much about the abandonments as it is about the inner exploration. The silence of the abandonments gives me time to reflect; urban exploration often becomes a meditative state. Seeing the decay of the past allows me to reflect on the possibilities of the future – Chris Luckhardt

Abandoned, Ruined Toys

Flickr Groups: Dead Teddies Lost Bears Lost Dolls Abandoned Stuffed Animals Fallen Dolls Lost Dolls Doll Heads Abandoned Toys Abandoned Cuddly Toys Lost Toys Unloved Toys Toy Town Murders The Forgotten Toy Lands Lost Souls Forgotten Toys Broken and Lost Toys Island of Lost Toys Island of Misfit Toys

What Urban Exploration is and is Not

Urban exploration is about exploring the modern world, as it is. This includes infiltration (going where you are not really wanted or allowed) documenting abandoned and derelict places and being an actual explorer – with ethics. Don’t get the idea urban exploration is all about trespassing, goofing around and leaving your mark. That is entirely…

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